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Meet Our Senior Stallion ,Strikes His Enemy P-705 (F)

Meet our senior stallion Strikes His Enemy P-705(F). We call him "Friend". He is from Native American Bloodlines from the Standing Rock Reservation in S. D. The curlies from Standing Rock are descended from the curly horses that survived the slaying of Big Foot's people and horses at Wounded Knee. Before joining our herd he was a working ranch horse and Sr. herd sire for Rare Breeds Ranch. He has produced all curly foals to date. We believe him to be a double dominate curly. Friend was the first curly stallion to join our family. He passes on great confirmation, curls, intelligence, and dispositions to his get.

Meet Our Stallion ,Fox Farms Classy T-1432 (F)

The beauitful blonde guy at the right is Fox Farms Classy. We call him Thor. Thor is from Damele blood lines. He is the son of Colonel Major Curl and the grandson of Colonel Austin, great grandson of Dixie D. P-34.. Thor is a wonderful mover. He appears to float across the ground. He keeps his lovely full tail and most of his mane in the summer.


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