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Meet Our Stallion , Vision Quest P-2196

Vison Quest is a Native American Curly from Standing Rock bloodlines. We call him Pooh Bear because he is really just a big teddy bear. He has been shown by our teenage daugher in open horse shows when he had been under saddle training for only 30 days. Vision Quest is the son of Otter Tail. He sheds all of his mane in the summer and most of his tail. He has great endurance and a wonderful smooth ride. Most of all he is a really sweet guy. Many of the horse show judges were very surprised when they realized he is a stud.

Meet baby Thunder

Baby Thunder is "Friends LiL Thundercloud P-2313. She is from foundation stock and is of Native American bloodlines on the top side and Damele on the bottom. You have already met her sire, Strikes His Enemy P-705 (F). Her dam is April Blossom P-1126 (F), who goes back to Peacock's Banner and Peacock D, P-100 (F) She came into this world during a 20 minute pause between thunderstorms. She was up on her feet steady as a rock in 15 minutes and made the trek to the barn without so much as a stumble. (her mom had chosen to give birth in the far corner of the holding pasture.) We had no more than shut the corral gate behind Thunder and her mom after leading them to shelter, when the storm struck with a new fury. Before the night was over it blew the barn door off , breaking out the passenger side window of our pickup. Unlike the night she was born Thunder is a calm, sweet natured filly.