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PAGE 2, Meet Our Horses- The Guys
Strikes His Enemy & Fox Farms Classy
PAGE 3, Meet more guys & baby thunder
Vision Quest (Pooh Bear),Friends lil Thundercloud
PAGE 4,Curly Horse Questions & Answers,
Curly facts & fun
Alva,Oklahoma - Has It All
Irish Wolf hounds, Greater Swiss Mountain dogs and much more

Roger & Jo Hatlestad
PO Box 612
Alva, OK 73717
United States

Curly   Horses   R   Great

Curly Horses are great. We hope you will think curly horses are great too after you read about the curly horse in Native American history and look at the beauitful pictures of the curly horses at Red Earth Curly Horses. Page 4 contains questions and answers about curlies plus some other facts and fun about curly horses. We are the Hatlestad family from Alva. OK. We are also known as Red Earth Curly Horses. We raise registered American Bashkir Curly Horses. We began breeding curly horses in 1995. All we can say "Is to know them is to love them". I hope you will take the time to stroll through our page and learn why we think curly horses are great. If you don't have enough time to check out our Questions & Answers, Facts and Fun, I hope you will at least check out the pictures of our beauitful curly horses. The picture below is of Fox Farms Classy (we call him Thor). He is one of our 3 stallions at Red Earth Curly Horses. See more of Thor on page 2. We have both Damele and Native American blood lines in our herd. Until we meet again, LOVE THOSE CURLIES.

Thank you for stopping by, times.

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